zhang ziyi as rowena ravenclaw

An ardent lover of words and meticulousness, Ravenclaw ensured that her students practiced and studied calligraphy of East Asian languages on a daily basis in order to further their understanding of symbols and meanings. In regards to early laws banning the practice of underage magic in Muggle populated areas, Ravenclaw began the first known practice of physical self-defense classes (early forms of wushu and other martial arts) at Hogwarts specifically for female students when faced with harassment or attacks. Ravenclaw’s creativity was responsible for designing many architectural aspects of Hogwarts Castle such as the moving staircases. She is most recognized in popular lore for enchanting a diadem that blesses its wearer with enhanced intelligence; rumor has it that she died of a broken heart when her daughter ran away with the alleged diadem.


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Natalie Dormer is my #wcw

Natalie Dormer is my #wcw